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1. Submit your test images and get in touch with us for the price quotation. We will get back to you without delay.

2. Send us confirmation once you have the test images and price quote of the photo editing services you need from our team.

3. Upload your photos for editing and continue on growing your business as we work on your images.

4. Get the photo orders back within 24 hours and begin using them right away to start gaining profits.

Headshot Retouching

starts at $10
A lot of actors, models, and public figures need a headshot retouching service in order to present their best-looking photos. Our headshot photo retouching service includes:

  • Smoothening the skin to look naturally glowing
  • Making the teeth whiter and eyes brighter
  • Airbrushing face skin and adjusting red-eyes effect
  • Reshaping face/body, correcting colors, fixing stray hair
  • Retouching or blurring the background
  • Removing skin imperfections, acne, scars, wrinkles, eyebags
  • Removing distractions like glasses glare
  • For Photographers: We will match your retouching style

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"The process was surprisingly quick and more importantly the results are always high-quality. I am very pleased with the services of BeautyRevolution. I believe they can satisfy the most difficult customers."

Model Retouching

starts at $15
Get professional-looking photos that fit for a full-page magazine feature with model retouching. Our service includes:

  • Adding and enhancing digital makeup
  • Retouching skin blemishes, scars, wrinkles and acne
  • Whitening teeth, brightening eyes and fixing red-eyes
  • Naturalizing skin tones, correcting image colors
  • Removing background distractions
  • Fixing stray hair and changing hair color
  • Perfect shaping the face and body
  • Fixing model’s clothing/accessories even model’s posture
  • For Photographers: We will match your retouching style

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"I was very impressed with BeautyRevolution’s quality and fast service. They are quick to respond and deliver perfect quality of work. I will use them from now on."

High-End Retouching

starts at $25
Add visual magic and achieve high-end photographs that meet industry standards with our high-end photo retouching service. Our team is skilled from simple photo touch-ups to professional detailed image compositing. Our retouching service includes:

  • High-end skin, hair & body retouching
  • High-end digital airbrushing – make-up enhancement
  • High-end background retouching
  • HDR photo retouching – sharpening, brightness & contrast
  • Applying dodge & burn, adjusting color, light & exposure levels
  • For Photographers: We will match your retouching style

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"The Team was quick. I had a rush order for background removal and needed around 1000 images back to me within 24 hours. Even the with a large number of images with a short period of time but the end results came out very nice. Thank you so much for keep my clients happy."

Newborn Retouching

starts at $6
Baby photos are distinctively cute. As a photographer, however, you know that you can make those pictures more magical. Add a whimsical touch to baby photos with newborn photo retouching service. Our service includes:

  • Eyes and face retouching
  • Background enhancement & image color correction
  • Natural baby skin smoothing & toning, spots & blemishes removal
  • Modify baby facial expressions, body/face liquify
  • Removing unwanted elements & adding special effects
  • Lighting and brightness adjustment
  • For Photographers: We will match your retouching style

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“ I am so happy that we discovered BeautyRevolution. They have been a big help. Whenever we have need for editing services, they are always there to assist! ”

Why Choose Us for Photo Retouching

Photo retouching does not necessarily mean compromising the original image. Our professional retouching services will enhance the picture by removing the unnecessary flaws. Take note that we specifically mentioned “unnecessary” because there are natural textures and colors that looked better when kept in its natural state.

With our expert photo retouching services, we see to it that clients will be able to appreciate the attention-grabbing photos that our team will be able to create.

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